Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DISNEY- The Best Place in the World...Maybe?

Imagination, Entertainment, and Fun. Words that describe Disney for many families. It is a place to get away from the stress of the world, relax, and have an enjoyable vacation with your family.
What better place to let imaginations run wild? A child can be a princess in a castle or a talking bear. He or she can be a pirate on board with Captain Jack Sparrow or exploring the jungle by river. Children, today, don't get to expand their imaginations with all the multimedia they are exposed to. At Disney, the sets are all there. The children can let imagination roam free.
Disney is not just for children. My husband and I recently spent a week by ourselves at Disney. We could enjoy it at our pace, we had time to fit in shows and a special dinner or two. My 70 something in-laws are planning a trip to explore Disney this February after hearing about our wonderful vacation there.
Have breakfast with Mickey Explore various countries in Epcot. Dine at exotic locals. Take in a show. The possibilities for fun are endless.
Why don't you make your next vacation a Disney vacation!

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